We treasure appreciation
from our participants and clients

To us, appreciation is not simply mean their recognition to the programs or services delivered, but also serves as a motivator to further excel our performance.

From Participants

“Sincere, cheerful attitude. Keep topic interesting and relevant. Able to get our interaction. Instill new insight.”

“Uses a lot of effort to deliver different learning points via an engaging way. The audience could feel the energy and effort easily.”

“The role play on staff coaching is so interesting and interactive, which provided good demonstration for effective communicationwith team members with different styles.”

“Good voice, excellent preparation (way of online interaction, maintain students’ focus, etc) , good team work, good rhythm, etc.”

“The coach and supporting team delivered comprehensive content on the topic with sufficient examples and interactions to enhance participants’ understanding and application in workplace. Nice work.”

“This is my second lesson with Rebecca. Your lesson is always interesting. I highly appreciated with chances of student involvement in “chat”. It makes the lesson much more funny Your voice is clear and attractive. I am never bored.”

From Corporate Clients